Welcome to the LWMNTV family group site

The LWMNTV family group was started by long-term members of the LWMNTV who wished to continue taking part in National Trust conservation weekends with their young children. Subsequently, weekends were organised as part of the normal LWMNTV programme, now after several years we have decided to organise our weekends on a more secure footing. If you want to visit the main LWMNTV group site it can be found here

This is our own site for the group, for families who wish to spend a weekend undertaking conservation work for the National Trust.


November 2013 - 2014 Bookings Now Added

Four camps arranged for 2014 so far. Get booking. Book yourself in or if you are unsure of how to do it then you can email me @ moc.liamg|omikseolor#moc.liamg|omikseolor so that the information can be uploaded.

The main group have kindly uploaded the basecamp book :- here (Thanks Piers !)

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