About Us

What we do

We do various work for the National Trust on a wide variety of properties, all over the country. We always work with the local Wardens/Rangers, who provide the necessary tools and instruction. In the past we have done scrub bashing, fence construction, ragwort pulling, boardwalk construction, and general woodland management.

The accomodation

We stay in National Trust basecamps, which vary in the facilities they provide. In general there are two dormatories with bunkbeds, a kitchen, single-sex showers & WC facilities, and a eating/common room.

What do I need?

Work clothes for the conservation work (ones that you do not mind getting dirty, ripped etc)
Walking boots or wellies
Change of clothing
Sleeping bag & pillow
Sense of humour

Typical weekend timetable

Arrival is usually on Friday night, each family tends to travel independently and arrive usually between 8-10pm, depending on distance to travel & work commitments.
Saturday - we usually get to the worksite between 9 and 9.30am, after having a communal breakfast and making lunch. Lunch is eaten on site, and there is usually squash breaks. Work continues until about 4-5pm, depending on light and weather conditions. Yes we do work in the rain!
Sunday - we usually only work from about 9.30am until lunchtime. Lunch is usually back at the basecamp, after which we pack our stuff up and clean the basecamp before departing. There is often time to look around the local National Trust property before departing.

The cost

The cost varies, but we share the food costs equally between those who are present.


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